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Maybe I'm blind, but I've never noticed this "action replay" before. Is it included in the DOS MAME v.30???

-- Jamie Percival (, April 08, 1998


Yeah - I think it's ONLY in the DOS version.

Check the README.txt file for the '-record' and '-playback' options.

Or check the 'playback' and 'record' links at the top of the MAME Action Replay frames version.


-- Chris. (, April 08, 1998.

You can also put a command into some front ends, for example I have record -record in my user settings for MAMENU. When a game is played, if I get a good score, I quit out of MAMENU and the file record.inp is in the MAME folder. I also had to create a batch to temporarily remove the CFG and HI files before running the menu.

-- Dith (, April 14, 1998.

This board is quite nice, isn't it? I like the 'all the answers on one page' idea - saves all that too-ing and fro-ing that you have to do on the davesclassics type of message board... Now all we need are some more messages.

-- Chris (, April 14, 1998.

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