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Hi, I wonder if you can give me your advise on the Linhof Kardan Color 45. How good is the camera? How portable it is? Any real problem? As long as I know this model has been discontinued. Can I find accessories for it; things like wide angle bellows, recessed lensboard... Another camera I am thinking of is the Toyo 45C. I am to shoot on roll film (6x9) using a 58mm and a 90mm lens. Thank you, Harry Doan mail:

-- Harry Doan (, April 07, 1998


The linhof in question is an excellent camera for the money. But the accessories can be expensive. For ex., the recessed lens board is gonna cost at least $90.00 probably more. The camera is heavy duty, but fairly heavy. It is easy to fold it flat so that it will fit in a backpack style photo bag for field use. But again its heavy-much heavier than a wood field and probably heavier than the toyo 45c. Accessories are available but you may have to look for them. Why use 4x5 cameras for 6x9 photography when there are 6x9 view cameras out there?

-- david vickery (, October 12, 1998.

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