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I want to run a generator that could power 3 lights for about 6 hours a night, any suggestions, or Ideas??

-- Luna (, April 04, 1998


I am designing a similar system using a PVX-340T Sealed Lead-Acid Battery and two US-5 (5 watt ea.) solar panels. TI makes a charge controller IC (BQ2031 in a switching Buck converter configuration) which can regulate the charging voltage for any lead-acid. I am planning on using the system to power an 8051 microprocessor board and a home security system which will be independent from the house electricity and completely self-sufficient. Even in cloudy days there will be enough voltage to charge the battery because the panels are in series. You will need to monitor the panel voltage output so the system will hibernate when it gets dark, and prevents over-voltage on very bright days. I'll have this project completed in two weeks (it's for a senior Electrical Engineering Power Electronics class). I would be glad to answer any questions regarding this topic.

-- Rich Vedvik (, November 18, 2004.

WEll, if your the type to build stuff I'd recommend you make lights out of L.E.D. lamps, they're kindof expensive but they last forever. (radia skack) With those you can just use a car battery and a solar trickle charger to keep the battery up. a 2 or 3 watt solar panel (40 -70 bucks at most) will be more than enough to power the very low power consumption led lamps.

-- nate (, May 02, 2002.

Dear Luna: I plan to run 12 volt lights from an extra car battery I will bring along. I will charge it with a small solar cell. And ifn that won't do it 100% there always the jumper cable to charge from the car eventho it's hard on a lead-acid battery to run them down and then use a car to hard (fast) charge them. Hopen to C U at B-Man Yours Truly Mike

-- mike sadlier (, May 15, 1998.

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