Y2K dependencies

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What about all of the dependencies that companies have on vendors, suppliers, customers, govt. agencies? You can fix your Y2K problems but if those who you are dependent on for data inflows and outflows don't fix their Y2K problems then you suffer.

If some lagards within a supply chain/economic web fall down on Y2k fixes then direct and indirect links in the chain/web suffer -- the domino/ripple effect.

Who is doing dependency planning? How? Which tools?

-- Valdis Krebs (valdis@orgnet.com), April 03, 1998


I think that at the foundational level you bring up (as Ed did) a very good point: This is a problem that multiples in magnitude by the number of connecting points in the network. Its logarithmic. And there are, world wide, billions of connecting points. Literally. It is insane, for example, for a bank to think it is safe because it in itself is Y2K ready. Every depositor who has $$ in that bank is a source of non compliance...and so are all the people who owe THEM money! The web keeps expanding outwards...

-- Greg Benesch (gbenesch@earthlink.net), April 04, 1998.

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