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Hello! Im a 20 yr old student in AB and I have attended a number of talks on y2k. I am new to this disscussion group and I think that I will be staying around for a long time (or at least for the next yr or so) until I go into hiding.(HA,HA) Anyways I would like anyone and everyone to email me and let me know anything you know on y2k problems and y2k survival issues. As well as any updates anyone has. How severe is this really and how can you convince the one's you love that there is no way to "fix" this problem. My mother is convinced that it will be solved by some 14 yr old whiz kid. Love to hear from ya!

-- Sarah Glasser (, April 03, 1998


You might want to check out and

-- George Valentine (, April 06, 1998.

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