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I don't live in Tucson but I live in a surrounding community. I believe we have enough food to feed our family for more than a year so it is the other supplies I am concerned about. Where do you find lists that will help in the planning? Is there anyone in Southern Arizona that might be able to help me out with our unique situation (namely the lack of water). It is probably not possible for us to move to a larger piece of property farther out of town. And how important is it to be out of debt before this happens?????

-- Dianne Smith (, April 02, 1998


My wife and I are moving to Sierra Vista area in early 1999 as a place of possible refuge. We plan to have solar power and a well and septic tank in place of outside utilities. We'd be happy to share info and maybe interested in finding any intentional communiites in the area that we could hok up with if there are any in that area.

-- Charles Micael (, April 02, 1998.

We just bought a place in Northern Arizona around Snowflake (see my post under "how serious are your preperations" on this forum). We have the complete set up with solar and well on 40 remote acres. I'd be happy to share planning and other information, but believe it would be best to do so by email. An excellent site for ideas on what to plan for is in the food storage "rules" area--covers info other than food. Other ideas at Think about all the things you depend upon now, and how you might prepare for them personally or in a community. My problem is in developing a community. People just don't want to listen and act.

-- P.Larson (, April 02, 1998.

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