A Crowded Room of Strangers

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As of April 1st, approximately 50 industry Y2k participants have access to the 'players only' forum. But it's been, for the most part, very quiet in these here parts.

Many of you had to run through a pretty tough screening to get access to the forum, and I hope this demonstrates my commitment to keeping discussions generated in here private and out of the public eye. I'm violating my own rule of not posting here to ask the question - if there were so many folks interested in gaining access, beyond introductions and two technical questions:

Why is it so quiet???

Most of you saw the following statement in my original response to your asking for a password - a room of 1000 strangers will remain silent until someone speaks up. You've gotta be willing to give something up to get something out of this discussion.

I am willing to facilitate the discussions, and start some threads in the interest of getting the information exchange going, but will not do if even one person has an objection. Again, this forum is for you, ladies and gentlemen, to assist your Y2k efforts in a non-competitive manner. I don't wish to intrude if my intrusion would stifle the open exchange of war stories.

As of today, there are 640 calendar days left to deal with the Year 2000 issue. I know some of you are running into problems and need some help. Hopefully, this forum turns into a good place to get some ideas on dealing with those issues.

If nothing else, it doesn't cost you a penny in consultant's fees. ;-)

I'd like a concensus opinion on my acting as moderator / facilitator. If someone else would like to step forward and take that role, wonderful! But let's get talkin'.

Best regards,

Rick Cowles

-- Anonymous, April 01, 1998

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