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At a recent camera show I was advised by a dealer that a Red Dot Artar (barrel) would make a good enlarging lens for 8 x 10. As I am in the process of setting up an 8 x 10 enlarging system, the price seems attractive. Does anyone have experience using these lenses as enlarging lenses and if so, how do they compare to regular enlarging lenses by Nikkor or Schneider (which would be my choices) I primarily print B & W in 11 x 14 and 16 x 20, with an occasional foray into 20x 24, so the magnification is not that great. Thanks for the info - Rob Rielly

-- Rob Rielly (, March 30, 1998


My local pro lab uses artars and ronars sometimes for 8x10 stuff. They work well. One thing to look out for is that they work best at certain f stops- usually f22. If your edges go fuzzy try to find the best f stop to print at. Jamie

-- Jamie Young (, November 29, 1998.

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