Was Reggie White wrong?

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Reggie White was the main topic on a lot of radio talkshows today.

Yesterday, speaking before the Wisconsin government, he apparently made remarks that some preceived as both racist and gay bashing.

The remark that seemed to raise the ire of many was White's statement regarding homosexuals and sinning. A lot of people were so strongly offended by White's remarks they now are publically suggesting he should be censured for his statements.

It seems to me White was speaking from a theological standpoint and did not say anything that a lot of...spell that most...preachers already have not said and continue to say.

White did not espouse hate, just accountability. To be born homosexual is not a sin. To practice homosexuality is as it would be to practice a heterosexual active sex life outside of marriage.

Should White be punished for stating his moral view? Can you seperate his celebrity from his ministry?

I don't think so. What do you think?

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, March 26, 1998


Reggie White should devote as much time preparing himself as a minister of the gospel as he does preparing for football games. He does not have the experience nor the training to speak as a minister on the subjects he chose to speak on. This is a least two occasions the he has put his foot in his mouth. On the subject of football, particularlly defensive end, Reggie is an authority. However, that does nothing to qualify him as a minister. Reggie should study the book of James regarding control of the tongue.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 1998

More of an inquiry than an answer, what exactly did he say? I have heard some comments by secular talk show hosts, but nothing from the Body. Hopefully, his proclaimation of God's words rightly divided and holiness has ruffled the feathers of the unsaved. What are your thoughts and/or comments?

-- Anonymous, April 01, 1998

White's remarks concerning race was a bunch of sterotypes. By definition a sterotype has some basis in fact. For example he said that black folk have an affinity for worship and celebration. That is just another way of saying "black folk have rythm, but no brains". That is very offensive to me as a black man. The references to Asians and Hispanic were equally offensive. Racism should not be tolerated no matter how well intentioned.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1998

NO, If Rev. White's view(s)is/are in keeping with the word of God. God calls it a sin it is a sin. Rev. White was a football player. One of my former Pastors was a truck driver. What difference does it make? It does not matter so much what you or I think. We will all answer to the King of kings. It would be great if Jesus returned right now.

-- Anonymous, September 05, 1999

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