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This particular quick forum likes to think in terms of "questions and answers." In real life, a "question" is just another word for "topic" (which could very well be a questions).

This site will be up while I am wrapping up my report, and to answer any questions or concerns that arise from the report. Once this project is considered "done," I will be removing this forum to ensure that it remains private. This forum, and information about this forum, are to be considered confidential, exceptions at ya'lls discretion.

In the meantime, if people want to signify having found this site by chiming in with an "answer" saying "hineni" or other appropriate greeting, that will give us all some feedback on how accessible this particular software is to people who weren't actually looking for an excuse to learn yet another interface, thank you ;-). If I don't know you and you want to add a line of introduction, that would also be good.


-- Ari Davidow (, March 26, 1998

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