Who was G. Galleazzi, Accordion maker?

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My family has an accordion dated August 18, 1896, made by a G. Galleazzi who's shop was located at 478 Jackson St. in S.F.

It's absolutly beautiful and I would love to find out any information about the maker.

-- Carol Leveroni (mem@wma.org), March 25, 1998


I'm not sure if there is a relationship, but my mother, Ann Galleazzi has an accordian made by a relative. My grandfather was Joseph Galleazzi. His father was also Joseph or Josephi( I have his citizenship papers and they re hard to read)My grandfather and his family lived in San Francisco and someone in our family made accordions. Do you have a picture?

I will contact my mother and see if she knows. Please contact me-I'd like to find out.

Thank you Sharon

-- Sharon M. Peart (smpeart@att.net), May 08, 2001.

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