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Does anyone know if the Donohue Monument is still standing.

Background to my question. A Cogswell fountain in San Francisco was built at the corners of Market, Battery and Bush Streets, bearing a likeness of Dr. Cogswell himself, dressed in a frock coat and offering a glass of water in an outstretched hand. San Francisco's wine drinkers strongly objected to the Cogswell fountain and its temperance message. They lassoed the neck of the good doctor on the fountain one night and pulled it to the ground where it broke into many pieces. The local newspapers applauded the action, and the crime was never prosecuted. The Donohue monument later replaced the Cogswell fountain.

-- Bela Balazs (, March 23, 1998


The Mechanic's Monument on Market near First was donated by James M. Donohue in honor of his father, Peter. Peter was a transportation pioneer in the Bay Area, founding ferry boat lines, railroads, and horse car lines.

I thought the Cogswell statue was farther down Market.

-- Joe Thompson (, March 27, 1998.

Please note: The name is DONAHUE not DONOHUE

-- Judy De Bella (, July 02, 1999.

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