Kate Winslet deserves oscar?

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This may get me flamed, but am I the only one who doesn't think that Kate Winslet deserves an oscar for Titanic?

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Titanic fan. I think that it is the best movie to come out in years, and if anything it did not receive ENOUGH oscar nominations. BUT, IMHO Kate Winslet was the weak link in the movie, the difference between a 99% and a 100% perfect film. She is a beautiful actress with great acting talent. I just didn't think that her approach to the character was right. "Rose" was so confident and self-assured that she lost credibility with me. How many 17 year olds would be that poised in the face of unbelievable social pressure, a life or death situation, physical hardships and terrible loss? I would have found her to be more believable (not to mention appealing) if she could have injected some vulnerability into her role. Her male lead had that intangible quality, but I don't believe that she did.

I would be interested to hear other views on this subject.

-- Sam I Am (samuelj@isl.net), March 21, 1998


Kate Winslet deserves oscar? yes

Yes Kate Winslet deserves Oscar for the Movie Titanci

-- Kathleen Petig (kpetig@juno.com), August 30, 1998.

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