Quickload Question - Correspondence of film code to envelope code

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I have been working with Quickloads (Astia and Velvia) and have been experimenting with very small aperatures. I adjust shutter speed with aperature to get the same exposure so I can examine the transparency for diffraction. When I get my film back I am often not able to tell which of three exposures are from which F-stop. I notice an alphanumeric code on the Quickload envelope that changes sequentially as well as a code on the top part of the transparency. Is there some type of correspondence between these two sets of codes? Can I enter the envelope code in my notes and relate it to the code on the returned transparency? (Is this making any sense?)

Any input would be great!

-- Doug Herta (finerta@sprynet.com), March 19, 1998


I don't know the answer to your question, but two thoughts occur to me. First, since these are "test" shots anyway, why not just include a piece of paper, chalkboard, etc., somewhere in the scene on which you mark down the aperture in use? Second, have you tried contacting Fuji technical support? They might be able to answer your question as to codes.

-- Rob Rothman (rrothman@riag.com), March 19, 1998.

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