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my question is very simple,since i know little of LF and i just started: i do fashion photography,and like to use 4x5 MASTER TECH. for some upcoming projiect. the basic idea is to do portraits using monopod and focusing with the rgf. i've bought the camera used,and right now i need the lens. what i would like ,it's a very sharp and contrasty lens,i photograph people and i want to read everything on the final product,but i will be able to shoot only from f8-f11 1/2. now ,how accurate will be focusing with the rgf from differents angle of wiew? is 210 a suitable lens to fit inside the camera when closed? which ones fit inside? i don't need lot of camera mouvement,i will just take the picture like the old days. with this data,any one with suggestion will be apprciate. thank you marco barba

-- marco barba (, March 18, 1998


Not having worked with this particular camera, I can't help with the camera-specific questions, but you should be aware of one general point. Stops in the vicinity of f8-f11 1/2 are almost unheard of in large format work. For one thing, you won't get a lot of depth of field at these stops--you lose approximately 4 stops worth of depth as compared to shooting 35mm with an equivalent lens. Second, most LF lenses have maximum apertures in the f5.6-f8 range, so you'd be shooting almost wide open (and hence not at the sharpest apertures). In 4x5, stops of f22 or so are about the maximum that is typically used; shooting at f45 is not at all uncommon. If you can't get enough light on your subject to shoot at smaller stops than f11 1/2, you might want to reconsider whether 4x5 is really the proper tool for the job.

-- Rob Rothman (, March 19, 1998.

Robs right, DOF is going to be a problem. Remember, a 35mm lens in 35mm format is the equivalent (approximately) of a 135 mm in 4X5 format. The 135 mm gives you the same DOF in EITHER format, large format users have camera controls available to increase the DOF that the 35mm format doesnt offer. I think you will find that in the old days they always used either a tripod or strong flash guns to achieve the look you find in photos from these eras. I'm not 100 % sure, but I don't think you will find anything much bigger that a 135 or maybe a 150 that will fit in the camera when it is closed.

-- Marv Thompson (, March 19, 1998.

I have shot with the Master Technica with cammed 75, 135 and 240 lenses and have had very good luck with the focus being accurate.

Yes, you won't have too much depth of field at f/11 but maybe it will give you the look you are after.

I would get the Apo-Sironar S Rodenstock or the latest top glass from Schneider for this if you want the best contrast and sharpness you can get. Get them from a solid Linhof dealer and have the cam made for your specific camera body at the same time. Having the Linhof folks handle it will ensure the best job possible and you will need it for accuracy.

This type of work should give you chromes or negs that will be razor sharp, just hope your technique will handle it. With the shallow depth you can still get excellent work this way as folks have been shooting with these cameras for years and doing just fine.

good luck

-- Dan Smith (, March 23, 1998.

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