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Hi everybody, My name is Herman. I'm an I/O psychologist currently involved with Od/ Organizational Transformation at an S.A. higher education institution.I would dearly appreciate networking on the topic of "work teams as 'vehicle' for OT in higher education.I've worked for many years in the OD/HRD fields (internally and externally), so 'work teams' as a concept etc, is very familiar!However,I would be very interestedto link-up with colleagues with tested ideas/ experience in OD/work team applications in higher education. Looking forward to your contact!!

Herman Pietersen Head: Management Consultancy Unit Technikon Free State Bloemfontein South Africa Fax: 27 051 507 3132

-- Prof. Herman J. Pietersen (, March 16, 1998


Herman, Steve Jones at Middle Tennessee State University has done quite a bit of work on transforming universities into team-based organizations. Also, he will be traveling in S.A. in August & September. Hope that helps, Mike

-- Mike Beyerlein (, May 25, 1998.

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