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I am looking to buy some Imperial Guard figures at cheap prices. I am looking for mainly anything I can get my hands on. If you can help, e-mail me or respond to this please....

-- Aaron Blair (Kharn4ok@aol.com), March 15, 1998


yes there is going to plastic imperial minatures brought out soon when their codex is brought out

-- Greg Heaney (birgith@ssc.net.au), June 25, 1999.

yeah but he said cheap.

-- (rmg612@hotmail.com), June 26, 1999.

GW AND CHEAP? It is impossible! Try to get your hands on some second-hand stuff or cheap miniatures from game fairs or conventions or try to find one who makes moulds! Aaa... I don't do this, sorry!

-- Darth Freder(TM) (freder@2060.net), July 02, 1999.

I might be willing to sell my Imperial Guard army it consists of a chimera(great paint job),a squad of catachans,mordians,tallarns and a small squad of cadians(canadian) a leman russ battle tank(all painted pretty good) a squad of catachans and a catachan lascannon(in the middle of being painted)commissar yarrick(beautifully painted) the new tank crew the new Lord Commander Solar Macharius if anybody wants it e-mail me and make me an offer I can't refuse

-- Jordan Scott (31572305@3web.net), January 16, 2000.

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