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Bill: Noticed that there hasn't been much happening on the DVHL site lately, I guess ever since you were apparently "muzzled" by the powers that be...are yhey ever giong to give you the final DVHL standings along with the final shots, penalties, etc. I'm only one of many who being a stat nut would really like to evaluate how we fared. (My son is a goalie for Wintersport Mite B1.) I don't want to put my phone number here but my fax is 215-663-9443 if you want to contact me. I miss the discussions on the site... It's really the only place where someone new like me can really become educated as to the DVHL and youth hockey in general. Thanks. Randy L.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 1998


I haven't received anything from the DVHL in a long time (since I posted the last standings back in early Feb). I don't know if they'll send me any final standings or not, I haven't heard from them all year except when they called to tell me to shut the discussion area down. If they ever do send them, I'll try to remember to email you to let you know.

Bill Hines

-- Anonymous, March 13, 1998

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