I can't print your color graphics. Am I doing something wrong?

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From: Zupcic@worldnet.att.net (Anthony & Kathleen Zupcic) To: wire4dcc@aol.com

I was able to print your article on wiring switches for dcc last November but whenever I now try the update with color pictures, the pictures do not print. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Tony

-- Anthony Zupcic (Zupcic@worldnet.att.net), March 10, 1998



Not sure what problem you might be having.. I printed out the whole page and all the graphics. The graphics are colored GIF's and generally around 750x450 pixels.. I printed them on both my HP Laser and Cannon 620 color inkjet. They look fine either way...

What printer and browser are you using, and what happens when you try to print them??


-- Don Crano (donc@sssnet.com), March 12, 1998.

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