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In the days of Noah God gave warning. No body would listen. Denial, ignorance and procrastination. Call it the DIP factor. What is THE LORD telling you to do? Seek FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD. Follow the guidance of his leadership through HIS VOICE. Pray and seek the ip of his spirit before you take any action!! You will not go wrong.

Go to

-- Greg Wiatt (, March 08, 1998


Greg, Sounds and looks like and advertisment to me!!

-- Anne Gaffson (, March 12, 1998.

If you're really concerned, check out the y2k site for Churches and Christians that Churches dot Net ( is putting together. When it's finished, it will likely be a one-stop for believers' questions and answers on Year 2000 issues.

-- ProfG1 (, March 14, 1998.

I am glad to see this category. I have been warning churches about Y2k since over a year ago.Have been giving Y2k preparation seminars, well attended. Please take a look at my new website It has several sections:1. Y2k articles, preparations, 2. Market & other forecasts 3. Alternative medicine, cancer & chronic diseases. Many like the useful sites too. The site is growing fast daily! Hope it will help more people. Y2k may be a blessing in disguise, drawing many nto humility & truth.

-- Rev. Raymond Kwong (, September 14, 1998.

Some of you have e-mailed me about my new Y2k site. Yes, it is finally my comprehensive shopping list is finally up! There are still a few more pages of Level 2 & 3 shopping list that will be added in a day or two. We are getting an average of 200 visitors a day. For those who have visited, we are almost a one site see all. We covers alternative medicine, vital & little-known Washington news, investment & market forecasts. Updated daily & still under construction. I try to do as much as possible, working in between my Y2K seminars, etc. Here's the address.

-- Raymond Kwong (, September 17, 1998.


churches that leave off preaching the Gospel and start preaching 'y2k'

What do you think God will have to say about that?

I wonder if these 'reverends' are still in the pulpit? or were their flocks wise enough to know that a wolf was among them, and put them out?

-- Mr. Right (a@correct.assessor), December 22, 2004.

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