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To aid others in the future who want to find the question you asked, try to summarize your question in the subject line. For example, rather than saying "A question about rail switches" please put something like "Can I use a mitre saw to make circuit board throw bars?"

If you have several VERY related questions, you should of course ask them as a group. In trying to determine VERY related, ask yourself, "Might someone else my second question as an independent question?" An example of a related question, but one that should probably be separate is "How do I attach circuit board throw bars without melting the ties?"

This is by no means an exact science. No one will shoot you if you group a question with one that might have been asked as a separate question. I'm new to this forum game, too. I just thought of these guidelines in an attempt to help other readers of this forum find all the answers you asked. You'll enjoy this forum more, too, when others ask their questions separately.

Thanks for reading "Wiring for DCC!" Allan Gartner

-- (wire4dcc@aol.com), March 07, 1998



I'd be glad to help answer questions. I'm a retired EE and been in the hobby forever. My Teton Short Line is heavy into do-it-yourself electronics and embedded computer. Can't help much with store-bought prodcucts. Putting much of the TSL systems on line at: http://www.ida.net/biz/tetonsl/railroad/index.htm

Wayne Roderick

-- Wayne Roderick (tetonsl@ida.net), June 21, 1998.

Check out my web page!


You will find a reference to bit-switch. They will be glad to hear from you.

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@WiringForDCC.com), November 25, 2002.

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