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Hello, I've recently run across a 5x7 Speed Graphic for sale. I've yet to see one in person. I'm familiar with the 4x5 Crown and Speeds but don't know much about the 5x7. Is it just like the 4x5's but just scaled up in size? Movements same? How about compactness compared to a "field" 5x7? What would be a fair purchase price?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Tad Cornwell (, March 06, 1998


Check out According to the chart I found there, 5x7 Graflex did not manufacture any 5x7 cameras after WWII. It is listed as a 5x7 Speed Graphic, so I assume it would be similar. I couldn't find any pricing information but searching through the dealer's links may turn up something. Good luck.

-- Darron Spohn (, March 09, 1998.

the 5x7 is a "pre-anniversary" model; it has no movements except front rise. It came with either a spring-back ("graphic") or a graflex back. The latter requires special holders, since it has grooves where a standard holder has ridges, and vice versa. Shutterbug prices are in the $3-400 range; they show up about twice a year.

-- John Lehman (, March 30, 1998.

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