A sales tax on legal fees and TV and radio advertising

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Why not a sales tax on legal fees and TV/radio advertising? Why are sales taxes collected on many of the items people need to survive yet legal fees are exempt? Certainly lawyers with million dollar fees could afford to be taxed. TV and radio stations use the public airwaves free of charge. With over $150 billion dollars per year going toward advertising (much of this to Radio and TV) and tax here could bring in some significant revenues and perhaps result in the lowering of taxes on working people. For a start, lets try a 50% tax on legal fees in excess of $1000 and 30% on all TV/radio advertising.

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), March 04, 1998


Stupid idea!

If you tax attorney's fees, then they will just go up and up! Lawyers are already too inaccessible to the poor/middle class.

-- Ryan (Esquire@Hotmail.com), September 14, 1998.

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