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Anyone have any experience with the 55mm macro-Hexanon AR/3.5. Just purchased an FT-1 with this lens (haven't developed anything yet) plus an extension lens adapter (which bumps it to F5.2). Thanks

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1998


55mm Macro

The 55mm Macro is an excellent "flat field" lens. Flat field meaning two dimentions. It can be used as a normal lens but it is better suited for copy work. This lens gets down to 1:2. If you add the extension tube that comes with the lens it gets down to 1:1 or life size.

So where did you pick up this camera and lens for such a great price?

Joe Anetrella

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1998

55mm macro heexanon

Picked it up Saturday at a camera club auction. Came on a dirty-looking FT-1 without a battery compartment. A little clean-up, a new battery case from Konica Parts ($30), and a 135 F3.2 picked up at my local camera dealer for $45 and I think I've done pretty well. Now I can sell the Nikon 4004 I've used for the past five years (and disliked, most of the time) and get back to taking photographs. :-)

Thanks for your reply.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1998

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