Tachihara stability

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I just purchased a Tachihara and I am disappointed with the "stability" of the front standard. When all of the controls are locked, the front standard has significant play, resulting from play in the front standard shaft and the plate attaching to the focusing rail. Is this a significant disadvantage? Do all view cameras have this type of play? I am now thinking of a metal field camera like the Howland. However, I have not seen any mention of it on this website.

-- Alex Horvath (alexh@scruznet.com), February 28, 1998


it's a problem only in high wind situations. the tachi is not a very rigid camera. my canham is more rigid than the tachi, my technika even more. you are probably thinking about the pocket view of Gowland, which is referenced on the site. These are ultra light monorails. usually ultra-light construction and rigidity are difficult to achieve together.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (luong@ai.sri.com), February 28, 1998.

There is a problem with your particular Tachihara camera. I've used one for several years and have two friends who've used theirs for longer than that. I've never experienced or heard of anyone experiencing the kind of movement you are talking about with the front standard locked. If you bought the camera new, I would return it and ask for a replacement. If you can't return it I would talk with a competent camera repairman and see what can be done.

-- Brian Ellis (beellis@gte.net), March 12, 1998.

I just got rid of my Tachihara and bought a Toyo 45AX. The problem I had with my Tach was the rear standard. I found that placing the focusing loop against the ground glass would cause movement. Not much, but enough to throw the image out of focus when I removed the loop. I wasted a lot of film before figuring it out too! The other objection I had was the focus mech. It was very jerky and hard to find fine focus... I'm very happy with my new 45AX. The Toyo 10% off sale(along with buying the Seconic dualspot F L-778 for only $100) really helps keep the budget in check.

-- Craig R. Bergman (bergy@azstarnet.com), April 03, 1998.

tachi's are notorius for this, and i wonder if brian has ever shot anything but a tachi for i suspect his is loose too. I would sell the tachi post haste. Brian is operating on denial, you see he wouldn't be defending tachi stability in every forum if he weren't in denial. It's ok brian....we like you just fine...it's your camera that we have a problem with. I almost got burned buying a tachi a long time ago and can't seem to get over it. It's a pretty little camera but my locale is windswept 365 days a year and i'd rather have ugly over pretty anytime..... I'll say it again Brian, If you want cheap and light, go fly kites,hippy.

-- Triblett Lunger-Thurd (666@HELL.com), December 30, 1998.

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