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I am trying to find where two streets were located in San Francisco in 1870 and 1890. McClellan Street (1870 Census), and College Hill Park (1890 City Directory). I have a hunch that they may have been in the south Mission (Bernal Heights) area.

-- Jo Guasasco Meador (jgmeador@gte.net), February 27, 1998


As the person who posted another map question recently, I can share some of what I've learned about old maps in the past few days. If you go to MELVYL (that's the Univ. of Calif. on-line library catalog) and punch in "fi su san francisco and form map" you will find they have several hundreds of such maps in the system. You can also specify the year you want. I came up with two maps for the year I wanted, which both happened to be at UC Davis, about a mile from my house! Berkeley has a bunch as well, and also the state library. Good luck!

-- Dorothy (leland@dcn.davis.ca.us), February 27, 1998.

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