Titanic-did she die?

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All of my friends and I are taking a pole--did she die in the end or not?!? We want to know what the world thinks!

-- Tricia Lovati (fisha74@hotmail.com), February 24, 1998


I think so

I believe she died.

-- Gary (tuckerg@cinstate.cc.oh.us), February 28, 1998.

It doen't come out and say it....but I'm sure she did

Jack told Rose...you aren't going to die here.....not now. Well, I believe she dies at the end. You see that she had accomplished everything that he/she had planned. Josephine and the flying maching...picture of a biplane, riding a horse "like a man" in the surf along the beach. You saw her on a horse, "like a man" with a rollercoaster in the background. Remember when they talked about drinking beer and riding the rollercoaster until they puked? She ends up dying and going back to the Titantic. Everyone in the last scene parished in that location and she went to join them. Her mother, etc. didn't die at that location and were not visable in the last 'staircase scene'.

-- John Wigton (wiggie@midusa.net), March 07, 1998.

Yes, she did

I think she died. It was like a closure to everything. So we left knowing Rose was with Jack not her mother or Cal. So yes I think she died. But the decision was left to be made unknown without a right or wrong answer.

-- Joanna (joannac@netins.net), April 12, 1998.

Yes, I believe she did die(an old lady warm in her bed).

-- Marieke (m.c.clercx@stud.let.ruu.nl), April 21, 1998.

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