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The following roads reported closed by Del Albright (Land Use Network) are not closed: 1.Pleasant/South Park Canyon loop, in 1st part of Nov. 1997 the Calif. 4WD Assoc. held the Panamint Valley Days event and this was one of the runs we went up. We went up Pleasant Canyon and came down South Park (warning: there are 2 very narrow off camber turns 200-300ft straight down followed by a bridge made of telephone poles & chicken wire in South Park Canyon) a BLM sign warns of the bridge before the turns. I scraped the side of my JGC while hugging the inside of the turn, A full sized Dodge Ram smashed the inner quarter panel at the same spot, small Jeeps had no problem. At the top of Pleasent Canyon (at the site of the 49rs plaque) the road to the left has been closed, this road went to Arrastra Springs, but continue right to South Park. I was back up Plesant Canyon over Thanksgiving and ran into a BLM ranger up there on patrol, he had come up via South Park Canyon.

Jail/Hall Canyon: This was another run at Panamint Valley Days, We followed the canyon to the Corona Mine/Mill at the end of Jail Canyon. The run leader said that Hall Canyon had a gate across it at Indian Ranch Res. I didnt see the road from Jail Canyon to Hall canyon, but I have read that is was very dangerous. Other spurs along Jail Canyon were marked as closed.

Lewis Shorb

-- Lewis Shorb (, February 23, 1998


Thanks for the road status update


Good to hear from you. This is very good news. South Park and Pleasant Canyons are a favorite trip. I will try to get the guide pages updated as I have time. I haven't been in Jail and Hall Canyons so any info you provide could be useful for a trip update page. Del's closure page may have been accurate when it was originally posted. I wish DVNP Rangers would post a list of back road status on the web or provide the information to someone with a web site like this.

Thanks for posting this for others to see. I will write you soon and respond to your interesting e-mail. Please encourage others to use this forum for any DV trip announcements, road status, Park management suggestions or other related topic. This can become a useful resource if more folks like you begin using it. Thanks again,


-- Ed Scott (, February 23, 1998.

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