Hai! I am a YORCS guest still!

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Dear Prashant, Just visited your web page. It's amazing that a tenth-grader like you can design such an intelligent page with so many thought-provoking features. Sure, I liked it. Now I guess, why you were the right choice for the YORCS Newsletter. Well, catch up with you again. Now that you know my email address, pray, keep in touch more than just weekly. Bye, S Sridhar

-- S Sridhar (ssattiraju@hotmail.com), February 22, 1998



Thanks for the encouragement. I wish ppl would use this as it was meant to be as a discussion forum. Well I guess it's my fault as well. Lets see what can be done. Hope to see you more often. Bye! Prashant

-- Prashant Iyengar (Prashant@pemail.net), February 22, 1998.

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