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Dear All:

A few years ago I purchased a used Konica FT-1. It has worked fine, but my battery case (which was cracked a little) has split and broken. Does anyone know of a source for a new case? I had the AAA case, but will take either AAA or AA if available. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


-- Anonymous, February 20, 1998


FT-1 Battery grip(holder)

Greg Weber in Nebraska has them in both sizes at $42.00US. new. Konica Camera Sales & Service 2022 E. 7th. Street Fremont Nebraska 68025 USA

ph: 402-721-3873, fax: 402-721-3838

-- Anonymous, February 23, 1998

Konica parts/service in NJ sells the AA battery holder for $28.00. Shipping is about $4.00. I just bought one from them a few weeks ago.

-- Anonymous, February 26, 1998

FT-1 battery grip

Steve, could you please post the address etc. of that place in New Jersey (?) because that is a very good price if they are new and I need another for the AA size. The AAA size don't last very well in cold weather. many thanks.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 1998

FT-1 AA battery grip

Bill, Call Konica USA Headquarters [800-285-6422 or 201-568-3100] and ask them to give you the number to the parts/service group. That's how I got hold of them. You might also try 800-422-1788, which is the number for parts/service as listed on Konica's website.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 1998

FT-1 battery case

Bill: I just ordered a batter case (AA) from Konica. $29.68 + $3 shipping. Address:

Konica Camera 411 Newark Pompton Tpke Wayne, NJ 07470 Attn: parts department

They don't take credit card orders (send a check or money order).

Chris Fenger

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1998

FT-1 battery holder

My AAA battery holder/grip cracked awhile back and I ordered a replacement grip from Konica in NJ for $30-32 as alluded to by several other responders. They sent me the AA grip rather than the AAA grip my camera originally had. I like the AA grip much better. It is somewhat larger and makes the camera much more comfortable to hold at least in my hands. I assume that the battery life would also be somewhat longer.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 1998

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