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i was reading in the codex tyranids, and under support it says something about genestealer hybrid cults having chaos allies. I'm a little clear as to what exactly these allies are, by that i mean what type of chaos warrior?

-- Cody (CD-WILD@prodigy.net), February 20, 1998


THe answer is simple, you may take any allies chosen normally from the main Chaos codex. AND/OR you may take chaos cult/Daemon world allies if you have your opponets permission. There is as far as I know no restritions on what you can choose otherwise. Thus Tyriod Cult backed up by a Chaos Terminator squad with two reaper autocannons is possible.

Dwayne Miller AKA Kathless, Master of the UltraWarriors

-- Dwayne Miller (millercomputers@yahoo.com), June 03, 1998.

ONLY the GENESTAELER cults may have the Chaos Allies!! NOT the normal Tryanid armies!!!

-- Alex Lambert (Not@Disposing.hah), August 29, 1998.

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