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I have heard that there are some videos on the y2k problem that the average person can relate to. Anyone else heard of or know the the titles or suppliers?

Greg Wiatt in Arizona

-- Greg Wiatt (, February 19, 1998


Frist, I am grateful to Ed and all the effort of others pioneers. I have an excellent video source on a 30 min. item that does a credible job for the unitiated.

-- Patrick Hogue (, March 08, 1998.


This might be late but I am holding a video from Unisys in my hand right now that is only 15" long but a great intro to the problem. Some of the quotes from fairly high-level managers are hard-hitting and irrefutable. I threw away the wrapper but their web site no doubt makes reference to it: Best of all - they offer it for free...

Rod Swab R U >_ 4 Y2K? New Book: Year 2000 - Countdown to Calamity

-- Rod Swab (, April 04, 1998.

We recently purchased a Y2K video by Dr. Mark Andrews. Even thought I've been quoting the Yourdons' book to my husband, this video (taped seminar variety,) finally did the trick.

The video also comes with a booklet containing Y2K information and fallback planning information. If you are interested in the video and would like more information, please call Dr. Andrews at 619/538-7853.

-- Julie Benjamin (, April 08, 1998.

kEEP an eye on CSPAN! about 4 months ago there was a hearing on y2k, present and testifying first was ome people from greenspans group, second part of questioning present was gartner group rep, citibank pres, and a vendor rep. I have forgotten the name of the committee that held the hearing, but it was from the house of representatives. As soon as i realized what was going on , i taped as much as i could, which was the second part. Some key parts= 1)only the chairman of the committee was present 2)the gentleman from gartner group was silenced when talk turned to banks closing, food shortages, and possible riots. The chairman stated= "we will be planning contingencies for those possibilities later, and this is live so lets not scare the folks at home." 3)it seemed like a good information tool for us because, thankgoodness it was live! I have been loaning this tape to just about anyone, to prove something bad can and will happen, and how idiotic some of our esteemed reps are in dealing with it!

-- scout (, April 09, 1998.

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