Where do I find lenses?

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For a variety of reasons I recently investigated what my konica collection would fetch towards a newer used nikon (6006) or older used nikon (fe2). As I've read, the konica hardware didn't add up quite the way I had originally doled out the money, so I decided the Konica stuff will have to continue to suit my needs for a while. To get the best pictures of my newborn, I'd like to trade or sell my generic zooms for some good condition Hexanon lenses. Is there such a thing as used equipment distributors or swap meets for Konica Users?

thanks in advance, geof

-- Anonymous, February 16, 1998



Check out Shutterbug Magazine. Many of the advertisers have Hexanon lenses for sale.

Also, Greg Weber of Weber Repair has Hexanon lenses for sale. His number is (402) 721-3873.


-- Anonymous, February 16, 1998

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