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I've yet to expose any LF film and would like to know what you do after you have exposed film in a holder (if I don't process it myself).

Do you unload it from the holders into the original film box, and if so what part, then take it to the lab? or do I leave it in the holders and take it to the lab for them to unload, thus handling the film less??

Anybody care to help me? Thanks!

-- Tad Patrick (, February 10, 1998


If you can give holders to the lab, fine. This will save you manipulations. However, some labs won't charge you extra. The main problem with this method is that you end up running out of holders unless you shoot little film between lab visits.

The standard practice is to use the film boxes. Don't throw away your empty boxes ! The first few times you might want to give your holders to the lab since you don't have yet an empty box. Be sure to leave the compartiments in the original position so that the box remains light-tight, and place your film where you found it in the box.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (, February 10, 1998.

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