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Hello, Please, can someone answer, how to contact "Calumet" or "ArcaSwiss" from Hamburg, Germany? I would like to start in LF, and consider to find something not too expensive (like "Linhoff"). Or may be You know good secondhand LF-shop in Hamburg region?

Best Wishes, Sergey.

-- Yarigin Sergey (, February 10, 1998


I've been told Calumet is located in Chicago which is central time (it's an hour behind NYC time) - Germany is about 6 hours ahead of NYC. Calumet is open from 8am (9am NYC) until 6pm (7pm NYC).

The Calumet number is 708-860-7447. This is their direct dial number so you should be able to use it in Germany (you'll probably need a prefix - from the UK it's 00-1-number).

I phoned them recently and asked for a catalogue which duly arrived a few days later.

I originally found their Website via the Yahoo! search engine.

-- Ron Hughes (, February 10, 1998.

Hallo, I am living in Germany, too. Sorry this answr comes so late, I somehow overlooked the question so far. Probably you bought your camera already. However, I ordered a camera from the US myself (a Zone VI), and I do not regret the choice. The dollar, of course, was much cheaper when i ordered my camera. If you do not have your camera yet, consider a Bender kit (they talk well on this page about it), or a Gandolfi Variant from England, or maybe a Wisner. There are two or three dealers in Germany who sell and ship used large format equipment. I got my lenses, tripod, lightmeter and film holders from one of them. On the whole, I would say the service for large format in shops where you walk in is lousy. Everything is too expensive, you get no choice, and sellers generally have no idea of large format (particularly equipment for outdoors). I just got a used 4x5 enlarger which I also ordered from the US. If you have any questions, please email or phone me. I am Lukas Werth, and my number is: 030-8226028. Lukas

-- Lukas Werth (, April 23, 1998.

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