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I've been thinking about getting a used Linhof 4x5 field camera and noticed in a number of ads from camera shops in Tokyo that they sell used mastertechnika's without a rangefinder (prices are about $2000 for the body only). From the photograph, it looks exactly like the latest mastertechnika 45's but with no rangefinder on the side of the body. Was this camera ever sold in this configuration, or did a previous owner perhaps remove it? I've also been looking for a used technika IV or supertechnika IV but have found that they are virtually impossible to find used in Japan, and, if available, they cost as much as a used mastertechnika.

-- Jim Chow (, February 10, 1998


The current Master Technika 2000 has no rangefinder.

Some people made a plate (John Sexton is one) and used it to cover the rangefinder opening on models with the finder after removing it.

The Master Technika has been made since 1976. Over that time I believe the factory did make a few without the finde

-- bob salomon (, October 22, 1998.

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