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Hi to all the recipients of the list

I'm just a new owner of a Konica Autoreflex A. A friend of mine gave this camera to me for free. Since I don't have manual for this camera and my friend doesn't know anything about cameras and equipment I want to ask you :

1. What is the "EE" mark on the lens aperture ring (52mm/f1.8 Hexanon)? If it is an index for automatic aperture setting this seems that it doesn't work properly. 2. While I was testing the camera using "B" speed and turning the aperture ring of the lens there is no change from f8 to f16 at all but when I detached the lens from the body the lens works perfect (there is noticable changes of the hole from f8 to f16) so I think that there is a problem at the body.What is your opinion? 3. What type of batteries this camera uses? (1.5V or 1.35V)?? 4. Is there any secret switch for the light meter ? (seems that is working continously). 5.Is it hard to find a mirror as spare part? (the existing has scratches) and finally 6. Any comments for this camera?

Thank in advance for your attention.. -- Metaxas Dimitris CAD-CAM Group R&D Dept. Intracom S.A. 19.5 Km Markopoulo Avenue 190 02 Peania Attika HELLAS (GREECE) Fax : 00301-6860446 Tel : 00301-6860946 E-mail :

-- Anonymous, February 09, 1998


Autoreflex A answers...

The EE on the lens aperture refers to the automatic aperture mode. If you leave it there, provided your meter is working, the camera will select the right aperture for you.

I can't tell you if you have a problem with the body, I'll try that test on mine and see what gives.

The camera uses PX 675 batteries (1.35V). The shutter release should have a switch which turns the light meter off. Mirrors should be no problem to get. The mirrors in the Autoreflexes can be custom fitted by a reputatble camera shop.

Check the short review of the Autoreflex A at



-- Anonymous, February 09, 1998

HEXANON 50mm/f1.4

Hi I purchased yesterday a used black Hexanon 50mm/f1.4 AR in perfect condition for 20$. I want to know if this lens is better than the older Hexanon 57mm/1.8 with metal breech lock aI already use also what the "AR" stands for. Dimitris

-- Anonymous, February 12, 1998


The AE is Auto Exposure. It is the same as EE on your older lens.

I think the 50mm F/1.4 is a better lens than the57mm F/1.8. The newer lenses had the rubber focusing ring instead of the metal ring.


-- Anonymous, February 16, 1998

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