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I haven't seen anything on the Y2K as it relates to real estate values. I am leaning toward devaluation, but expect that some rural areas (Montana, Colorado, etc.) may fair better than more populated regions as survival instincts (and demand for raw land) take over. Is anyone writing about this?


-- Derek Scoble (, February 08, 1998



I am not aware of any formal studies in this area, either. My guess is that if/when there is a general awareness of Y2K, we'll see property values decline sharply in the urban areas, and possibly increase in the "preferred" rural areas. However, if all of this takes place in the midst of an overall market crash -- or general panic associated with Y2K -- it may be difficult to separate the "pure" real estate effects from the overall financial situation.

-- Ed Yourdon (, March 18, 1998.

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