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I am looking for a good used working Copal O shutter. Does someone know where I might find one? Does anyone stock a variety of shutters alone? Need address or phone number. I see many lenses advertized in shutters but never shutters alone. Contact:

-- Thomas Ferko (, February 07, 1998


Dear Thomas,

B&H photographics in New York sell mail order Copal shutters. A 'O' costs $179. Don't forget that it will come without aperture markings. You would need a lens technician to do it or send it to the manufacturer. I think this costs around $60, but I don't know for sure, you would have to check. Their website is

As for second hand, try or or

Good luck


-- Andrew Herrick (, February 07, 1998.

Steve Grimes has advertised his services in View Camera magazine as a photographer's machinist. He has a website at One of the services he offers is "reshuttering" lenses, mounting barrel lenses in shutters and engraving aperture scales. A good website, although he has not responded to an e-mail inquiry I made a couple weeks back.

-- Ted Brownlee (, February 09, 1998.

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