1906 Earthquake casualties

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Does anyone know of any source that lists those who died in the earthquake of 1906? I have some relatives who are believed to have perished in the quake.

-- Wayne McElreavy (mac@cyberportal.net), February 03, 1998


I suggest you try contacting the Museum of the City of San Francisco. They have lots of information of this type. Their Web address is http://www.sfmuseum.org/

Also, be sure to drop a line to their curator/director Glady Hansen; she's made a lifelong pursuit out of researching casualties of the 1906 fire and quake. Her email address is curator@sfmuseum.org

Good luck!

-- anon (anon@post.com), February 04, 1998.

The list compiled by Gladys Hansen of those who perished in the 1906 earthquake is now online at the SF Museum site: http://www.sfmuseum.org/perished/index.html


-- carolyn feroben (funfifty@pacbell.net), September 17, 1998.

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