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Could you please provide an updated list of the future clinics, try-out dates and camps that HAMHA is planning on having and/or hosting? This would be a great help in planning around spring and summers vacations and other sports. Also, specifically will there be any clinics to teach checking to the new Pee Wees?


-- Anonymous, February 03, 1998


Bob, We're currently hashing a lot of that out. I think the vote so far is to have a general clinic in April for 4 weeks, then a 4 week pre-tryout clinic for each age level for next season during May. Tentative tryouts would be the last weekend in May and first weekend in June, which would be after Memorial day but while the kids are still in school. This is all TENTATIVE! I'm in favor of having the age-level pretryout clinics so that the new Peewees can learn checking and slapshots. I'm going to talk to some people about running those, like Mitch, Don, etc. We'll probably soldify this stuff at the next board meeting, which I hope is this week or next. The camps are the Hartley one, Turcotte, and Robbie Glantz. I don't have the exact dates handy right now (I'm working), but there's plenty of literature around on those. Turcotte/Hartley are at HPA and Robbie Glantz is at TPW in a few weeks.

Bill Hines

-- Anonymous, February 03, 1998

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