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I recently bought three Astra 4x5 Film Holders in the UK, which were made by Fidelity Manufacturing Co. Burbank CA USA.

One of the holders is missing a "slide" (I'm not sure if that is what it is called - I haven't seen actually 4x5 film holders before - I intend to use them in a pinhole camera that I'm making). Each of the other two holders contains two "slides".

Does Fidelity still manufacture film holders? If not, do you know where else I might be able to obtain a replacement?

-- Ron Hughes (, February 03, 1998


You can get new replacement dark slides from Calumet and used ones from Midwest photo in the US. Any UK dealer for Lisco (another brand of film holders who I think acquired fidelity) should be able to get them for you.

-- John Lehman (, March 04, 1998.

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