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Concerning the issue of the ever increasing unavailability of the mercury PX675 1.35 volt batteries for Konica Autoreflex cameras, I called Konicas Canadian office in Mississauga (right next to Toronto), Canada, expressed this dilemma and was told that Konica Service will gladly recalibrate such cameras so that they can take the same-sized 1.5 volt batteries, which are more available in stores these days. My friend in Konica Service, Peter, assured me that the internal light meters in Autoreflexes, once recalibrated to work with the 1.5 volt batteries, will work just as well, as they do with the original 1.35 volt PX675. Of course, Ive read that alkaline batteries arent as good in maintaining constant output, but it might be OK if you use them while they are still fresh. Any ideas about this? Let me know.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 1998


Batteries for Autoreflex

Konica Parts told me to simply cut the ASA/ISO setting in half. Haven't seen the results yet, however (shot my first rolls today using 1.5v).

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1998

More questions about 1.5 volt batteries

1.5 volt batteries sound like a good idea. What is the best brand and type to obtain? Is alkaline the only replacement option? Does anyone have the exact brand and replacement numbers. I have both a TC and a T3. Will the same 1.5 work equally will on both camers? As for the battery check feature of the T3, am I right in checking the battery at 1/125sec and ASA 40 instead of ASA 100?

-- Anonymous, March 11, 1998

1.5 volt batteries for TC and T3

Dear Hal, You inquired about using 1.5 volt alkaline batteries for your TC and T3. First of all, the original batteries for the two cameras were: for the TC--the 625 (1.35 volt); for the T3--the 675 (1.35 volt; this battery is smaller in size than the one for the TC). Both of these were the mercury batteries that have a steady otuput level until they die.Then they come to a sudden halt in output and must be replaced. These mercury batteries are being phased out of production. The closest thing now are alkaline (silver oxide) batteries of the same size, but their output is 1.5 volts. And their output varies, apparently. It is not as steady as the mercury ones. Yet, they are good enough for most photo situations using the above cameras with these batteries being in them. I don't know the battery number for the TC, but I believe that the 1.5 v. battery for the T3 is SR44. All of this is what Peter of Konica Canada Service in Mississauga, Ontario, told me. But before putting in the alkaline batteries, the TC and T3 must be recalibrated and rebalanced to get correct exposure readings from the meters. For a price Konica Service will gladly do that for you, so will Greg Webger (402-721-3873; e-mail: ) who lives in Fremont, NE. I inquired about your suggestion to half the ASA rating when checking the battery with a 1.5 volt battery in the T3 or TC. Peter of Konica Canada Service told me that that whole idea is a myth. If you do this halfing in ASA value with film your pictures will be at least 1 and 1/2 f-stops underexposed. If the brightness of picture taken is really bright it could go up to 3 f-stops underexposed. Your only real solution is to have Konica Service recalibrate and rebalance your meter for a 1.5 volt. You can inquire at Konica Service or aks Greg what alkaline 1.5 volt batteries fit your battery compartment for the TC and T3. Remember, the sizes for these two cameras are different. The TC takes batteries that are wider in circumference than the T3. I wish you success in getting cameras to work properly, given today's less than readily availibility of mercury 1.35 volt batteries for the Konica cameras you have. With regards, George Repetski

-- Anonymous, March 16, 1998

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