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Do you have any information regarding Joe dimaggio's grotto restaurant or his yacht club?

-- mark louis verduzco (, February 01, 1998


Joe's restaurant was on Jefferson Street on Fisherman's Wharf. It's been at least 10 years since it closed. A chain restaurant, the name of which I forget at the moment, occupies the location. I am not familiar with any yacht club that he had, sorry.

-- Peter Moylan (, July 30, 1999.

I have an old scrapbook that I inherited. There is a menu from the resturant , It was on fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. It includes the phone number of the grotto. and on the outside sasys menu and cocktail list. My friends were there in 1941. The menu has been signed by Joe DiMaggio, however I believe I would have to have that authenticated. I also have 2 poloraid pictures of the resturant. One of them is with my friends father and standing beside him is Joe DiMaggio's father. If you would like I could try to take pictures of this menu inside and out and send them to you. I have been trying to find out if the menu and napkin (yes, I have a napkin from there also) are of any value to collectors. I did not know if only things related to baseball were of value. Thank you A. Caudill

-- Ardith Caudill (, May 16, 2001.

I sure hate to answer a question with a question. But I do have an autographed menu from the grotto. not sure the year. But, Lunch is $.75 an Dinner is $1.25.

-- David Allen Coffman (, May 24, 2004.

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