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Hello ,I would like to know a very serious answert o a very serious question, which Gorkamorka mob should i buy as there are now 5 mobs to buy,Gorka's, Morks's, Rebels, Muties, and the diggas and I dont really know alot about them, My main two choices are the diggas and the muties but I dont even know what the muties are here for, and I dont know whether or not if I buy diggas's I should buy digganob, the supplement, but please tell me soon as I have a campaingn at the shop coming up soon and I need to know,thank you.

-- James langley (marc@mcmail.com), February 01, 1998


Honestly I'd stick with the orks. I know for sure that Digga's & Rebels arn't that good, unless youv'e played the game (ork vs ork) a few times. The thing about digga's and runts is they can be captured, and/or hurt to easily. So you can end up having dead or captured troops, and no one to work in the mine to get new one's. Muties i don't know alot about, but i think that the name itself gives a rough idea of what they are.

-- Please to be of sevice. (sellers@hunterlink.net,au), February 19, 1998.

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