Upgrading software as solution to home grown aps

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At the company where I work, we have an elaborate database application that runs under the non compliant Access 2.0 designed to schedule our training classes. Simply upgrading to Access 97 and running under it would appear to easily solve the problem.

At the risk of sounding a bit on the cynical side, you might want to add deliberate planned obsolescence as adding to the y2k mess. Could there be any other reason for the fact that MIcrosoft Access 7.0 which was released mid decade is not compliant?

-- Richard Shields (dshields@patriot.net), January 30, 1998


Before you get too complacent, remember that the upgrade will only make you compliant if the programmers always used the built-in date functions. Some of those old Visual Basic-type programs use character strings for the dates, with homegrown date functions.

-- Dennis Peterson (dennisp@bigfoot.com), January 30, 1998.

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