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I was playing a battle SM(blood angels) onto IG i just wanted to know if the demolisher cannon on the Leman Russ can target anything and not just the closet target. And also with a conversion field on my chaplain I suffered 5 wound from a dem. cannon does the con. field cover every hit or do i have to roll 5 dice( 1 for each wound)and what is the armor penetration of a force sword (can it be used against vehicles??????)and can bikes shoot at fast speed without -1 to hit penalties.

Thanx all who respond JaSoN

-- Jason (, January 27, 1998


rules clarification

Answers in order of questions asked: 1. The battle cannon must follow the same rules for targeting and line of sight as every other weapon on vehicles, but remember, you can always target a designated spot of ground for area effect weapons as long as you can see that spot of ground as per LOS rules. If your target happens to get caught in the blast, Oh well then. :) 2. You need only roll against any force field for save ONCE per weapon hit, not once per wound caused. 3. The rules for armour penetration of force weapons are the same as when determineing the penetration of a conventional archaic weapon These rules are in the rule book. The added advantage of the force weapon is in the storing of force cards within it (each counts as +1 str, up to a max as per force weapon)So follow the rules for a normal sword penetration and substitute the modified strength of the force weapon in the place of the user's str. (you'll likely eviscerate and disembowel the vehicle you use it against) :) 4. No. Even with targeters and champion drivers the -1 penalty still applies.

-- Michael Krog (, January 28, 1998.

Michael is right. Fields (except the Psychic Shield power) save for hits, not for wounds. Targeting with the battle cannon is special. you may ignore troops for vehicles and support batteries and vice versa (eg shoot a tank with instead of the troops infront of it.) It is also true that you can shoot the ground but to hit you have to roll a six regardless of BS and targeters. If you miss you scatter, and a hit and misfire roll on a battle cannon will probably result in a giant, 500-pound gun turret landing on nearby friendly troops.

-- Catalyst (, July 07, 1998.

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