Damn Lucky Broncos!

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I hate those Damn Lucky Broncos! They are a bunch of stimky Bastards! LOL!!! We all know that Green Bay really won the Super Bowl! But they just are saying they lost so Elway won't be too upset! This game can be soooooo DAMN Frustrating!

-- James - AFL - Bills (gbpackattack@hotmail.com), January 26, 1998


Lucky Broncos?

My analysis of the big game is as follows: Denver deserved to win that game! They kept blowing the Packer front four off the ball...any team that can run for over 150 yards in a super bowl (while their starter sat out over a quarter because of a migraine/concussion) deserves to win. Someone tell me that the Packer front four (Reggie White, Santana Dotson, Gilbert Brown and Gabe Wilkins) is not the most talented in the NFL. White and Brown just decided not to show up for this game. Wilkins got hurt, but they should have been able to compensate for that loss with the supposed great coaching staff of Mike Holmgren and Fritz Shurmur. On that final touchdown drive, Elway ran a toss-out to Davis who ran it down inside the one yard line...they were totally beaten on that play...it was called back for holding. They proceeded to run the exact same play from ten yards back...and they got the exact same result...the Packer Defense just quit. Congrats John Elway, you finally got your ring!

-- Nick AFL Seattle (kleinn@river.it.gvsu.edu), January 26, 1998.

RE:Lucky Broncos?

First of Congrats to Denver and to John Elway (who ruined many of my sundays in the past against my beloved Cleveland Browns) for there Super Bowl victory. I completely agree with Nick, GB's front four were knocked off the ball all day long and really showed there age in this game. The early turnovers kept them on the field way to much and they were never able to get there wind back. Terrell Davis showed why he is "the best" running back in the game today. So enjoy it Denver (it may not come around again for a long time) and Elway go ahead and retire while your king of the hill cause my BROWNS will be back in 99 and dont need you hangin around....

-- Glen AFL Chargers (dwgpoundtn@aol.com), January 26, 1998.

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