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A simple question from a beginner in the LF environment. Assuming I load sheet film into my 4x5 filmholder from the right side with my right hand, (I pull the dark slide out from the left side with my left hand), is it correct that the notches on the film should be on lower right hand side of the film on the vertical edge. I have had several underexposures and am not certain if that has resulted from failure to compensation for the bellows factor or from improperly loading the film. pull |-|--------__________ out dark<| |film | film | slide here|_|holder_|---------|<---notches here?

-- Jim (jim@jtenney.com), January 21, 1998


It sounds like you are doing it correctly. With the short (4") sides of the film vertical, the notch should be on the lower side of the right-hand short side (i.e., the lower end of the side near the loading flap).

-- Rob Rothman (rrothman@riag.com), January 21, 1998.

The notches should be either in the lower left or upper right corner as you look at the side of the holder with the film in it with the top of the holder towards the ceiling. Feeding with my right hand as you do, the notches are closest to me at the bottom of the film. Also, only pull your slide about half way out to load. Then the film can only go in correctly. It won't go all the way in if it is in the wrong slot.

-- Jerry C. Hubbard (jerhub@ibm.net), April 21, 1998.

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