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You know, one of the hardest thing in the world is to begin.. in anything.. Denver has begun. We wonder, think, scratch our flea bitten craniums and wonder, "Are any of the other wonderers out there even aware of our musings?" We tell them, oh yes, we write, scream, even beg. but to know, or little avail. So we wonder in a silent forest, Why? A year have we toiled in Denver.. A year planning discord and prankage opun our queen city, and what do we hear from the other wonderers?.... NADA.... So, Zpub.. In the imortasl words of the trickster (one of many actually) "You won't have this pup to kick around anymore!" Don't get me wrong, we're not leaving but we did get rid of the kicking pup.. Your tolerently Pope Elim Chorch of No Dead Saints...

-- Pope Elim (, January 18, 1998

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